What Venezuela should do to take advantage of the current tourism surge

Venezuela is known for having some of the most scenic vacation spots in the world. Certainly there’s Angel Falls, touted as the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall. There are also the many near-uninhabited Caribbean islands that dot the country’s sea territory at the north. And yet, despite all this natural beauty, it would seem that the country is having a dearth of tourists to admire them. This is especially unfortunate, considering the recent surge of tourism the world is going through, particularly from the Middle East and China. Of the former, global travel company Gullivers Travel Associates reports that tourist density coming from the region was up by 30% last year. As for the Far Eastern nation, its recent economic growth has led to the formation of a relatively new upper-middle social class, members of whom apparently celebrate their newfound financial means by making outbound travels. With more than $102 billion spent by these tourists as of last count, they are certainly becoming quite the attractive market. Many nations are capitalizing on this recent development. Looking to boost its GREAT Britain tourism campaign, the UK is also improving its airport infrastructure to accommodate as many visitors as possible. As airport parking service website Parking 4 less reports, Luton Airport is currently commissioning improvements to its terminals and runways; following the lead of Heathrow, which itself is set to unveil its vastly improved and expanded Terminal 2 in June, redubbed the Queen’s Terminal. Back in South America, Venezuela’s neighboring countries are also trying to make the most if this tourism boom. Cuba, in particular, has gone to great lengths to do just that. It organized the 2014 International Tourism Fair with the goal of inviting more opportunities by way of the recently ratified Foreign Investment Law. This is on top of the airline renovations and new air routes already employed by the country. Venezuela was once described by famed explorer Christopher Columbus as “heaven on earth” that everyone should be able to witness. If it is to make good on that statement, it has to take a page from the tourism strategies of the other countries mentioned above and take advantage of the current upswing in the travel trade.