Amazonas – In the middle of the jungle

Why go to the Amazonas?

The possibly most untouched state of Venezuela is the Amazonas, it measures 181 km² and over 140,000 inhabitants of mixed origins have their living environment here. Puerto Ayacucho is the capital, was founded in 1924 to give builders of the sole asphalted road into the Amazonas shelter. The city attracts with a lot of workshops and the local markets and bazars of a lot of products from the craftsmanship.

The Amazonas and its nature

Many rivers serve as the main means of transport through the brush of the plants here. The south is on large parts unexplored and is only inhabited by Indian folk and is partly used for military purposes. The dark granite rocks make the federal state become something unique as 50 % of the woodland can be found here. The racy cataracts are very popular with white water rafting fans. Here you still could watch Indian tribes at the daily life; furthermore there are dreamlike jungle backdrops that are worth seeing for every adventurer.

Our tour Rio Autana in the Amazonas

Day 1 - Puerto Ayacucho
The journey into the Amazonas is possible by aircraft from Caracas. There is a flight that reaches the capital of the state Amazonas at 2 pm. If you are planning the adventure Rio Autana in the first place then we recommend you a travel by bus from Caracas or Ciudad Bolivar, a tour with buses that do not fit the adjectives new and comfortable and for which you should allow at least 12 hours. For the first night we booked a hotel in Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of the state Amazonas for you.
Day 2- Rio Autana
Our adventure tour in the Amazonas to Rio Autana starts at about 9 o´clock. Our guide picks you up at the hotel. After a one hour drive you will reach the port in which your boat is waiting. You drive southbound, cold-shoulder Colombia and after you have left the wide Orinoco you could already imagine the closeness of the jungle. With a little bit of luck you can see the big fresh water dolphins. After a swim stop at a snow-white beach it will go to our first hammock camp. You will have a bath and you will wash in the river (which is clean by the way and according to the guide without any dangers). Please remember that you are moving in the area of the indios and that you are only guests. Respect that and only take a picture of them if you have asked before.
Day 3 - Tepui Autana
After breakfast you will drive on and enjoy the view. At lunch time you will arrive at our next camp of the Rio Autana tour. You are only granted a short break and then your local companion will guide you through the jungle onto a plateau. He/ she will show you Palmita, the rubber tree as well as one or the other animal. Having reached the top you have a fantastic view over the area and you will see the Tepui Autana.
Day 4 - Rio Autana/ Puerto Ayacucho
The descent is easy and after your arrival at the camp your guide will serve you food. If you get up early today you can experience the real Amazonas, then you can hear how nature is awaking and see how the early fog is climbing up to mountain bit by bit. It will be beautiful pictures you could take and if the sun is shining on the top of the flat summit mountain then, the idyllic scene is perfect. Sometime in the morning your return begins with various stops to take a bath, to go fishing, to take pictures etc. The stop could be designed as you wish according to prior agreement. The return to port will be at 6 pm. Our driver carries you back to Puerto Ayacucho. There your stay at the Amazonas ends. You could go on by bus in the evening or you book another night and take the airplane at 3 ´o clock the next day. You could spend the morning then to dander through the city. On the market of the Indios you could get cheap and beautiful souvenirs of the federal state Amazonas which is typical for the region. We offer other tours in the Amazonas as well. Let us know your desires and we will try to let them come true. Special trips for fishermen and bird watcher with professional guides in the Amazonas are no problem. The rafting fans will get their money´s worth as well around the Rio Autana.
On Request
1 overnight stay Amazonas in a hotel in Puerto Ayacucho transfer from and to port boat including guide for 3 days 2 overnight stays in hammocks full board in the Amazonas during the adventure tour Rio Autana

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