Ascent of the Pico Humboldt

Why go to Merida?

Merida was founded in 1558 by the Spanish captain Juan Rodriquez Suarez. The former population of 25,000 inhabitants has grown to more than 215,000 over the years. It is one of Venezuela´s linchpins in the west, with its ancient cathedral from the year 1803 and an ice cream parlour, “Heladeria Coromoto” which is entered in the “Guinness Book of Records” with more than 800 different types of ice cream, as well as all the other unique sights, it promises rich variety for everyone. Moreover you can find the second oldest university of Venezuela here which has its origins in a priest seminar of 1785.

Merida and its nature

This city is located on a tableland at an altitude of 1630m between the rivers Rio Albarregas and Rio Chama. It is surrounded by two mountain chains, Sierra Nevada in the Southeast and Sierra La Culata in the Northwest. This makes Merida something very special. The highest mountain of Venezuela, Pico Bolivar which has a height of 4985m is very close to Merida. From there you could start tours to the Llanos or interesting and challenging mountain climbs to the bordering mountain ranges. If you like it a little bit more exciting, you could take the chance and do some paragliding, canoying or rafting to make your stay something very special.

Our tour Pico Humboldt 4 days / 3 nights

Day 1 - Start to the Pico Humboldt
The ascent of the Pico Humboldt could be especially recommended in the dry months from December to April. The trekking tours are organized individually for 2 people or more and the ascent of the mountain peak is indeed difficult but easier than the Pico Bolivar. On our first day the trekking starts at Sierra national park with the first acclivity of 2300m right at the beginning, the La Mucuy. Walking through the rain forest you will be able to watch an animal or two and admire foreign plants. At the end of this exhausting but nice 5 hour marsh you will sleep at aerial 3300m height at the lagoon of Coromoto.
Day 2 - Basis Camp Humboldt
On the second day one gets up earlier to spend the next 5 hours hiking higher up to the basis camp Humboldt of the Pico Humboldt at the green lagoon. The vegetation will get more tropical and the path will slowly get more difficult before you will pitch your camp for the night at 3900m in the evening. One has to refresh oneself before you close your eyes tired at the mountain panorama of the Pico Humboldt.
Day 3 - Summit of the Pico Humboldt
It will get rough on the second last day, the paths are getting smaller, the climate gets a little bit more temperate and cooler. Under these circumstances the rucksacks will feel a few kilos heavier but the urge to climb the summit is setting free new power. You will always remember the wonderful views on this fantastic mountain landscape. With your last ounce of strength you will climb the summit of Pico Humboldt at 4952m. On the peak you will be rewarded with an one-time outlook. The feeling of freedom is spreading. What counts here is only human and nature, everything else is to come second. Deeply impressed of this scenic refinement you will fall asleep tired but happy.
Day 4 - Summit of the Pico Humboldt
On your last day you will climb down Pico Humboldt and you will be picked up by a jeep and carried to Merida. There will be the possibility to go on with a night bus to Caracas / Ciudad Bolivar / Maracaibo in the evening.
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3 nights in tents on the Pico Humboldt guide transport full board entry to the national park

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