Orinoco delta river labyrinth in East Venezuela

Why go to the Orinoco delta?

The Orinoco delta is a dense, expansive labyrinth of rivers which lead the water from the Orinoco river to the Atlantic Ocean. The Orinoco delta (which is known today as the federal state of Delta Amacuro) has changed very much over the past few years. Only during the last century it has increased by 1000 km² and is still spreading towards the ocean. The Orinoco consists of 60 branches and 40 streams which flow through 41,000 km² of jungle islands, marshes and lagoons.

When is the best time to go to the Orinoco delta?

One could get to the Orinoco delta anytime because we are not dependent on rain periods or other nature adversities.

The delta and its nature

orinoco DeltaThe Orinoco delta is divided into two regions, the upper and the lower, west and east of the branch. This division was made at the beginning of the 60´s due to a program for flood protection. One has built a levee into the branch of Mánamo to cut back flood in the north. This enabled cattle breeding. But nevertheless the region suffered from side effects because the sinking water level caused tides and now the water gauge is sinking daily by 1-2 meters. During the dry season the brine is increasing within the branches and is causing serious damage in fauna and flora. In the lower part of the delta where the Orinoco is still determining, there is flood again and again. There the water level can vary up to 15 m. Since 1991 the upper part of the delta which is the national park Mariusa, is protected. A huge variety of plants is based at the Orinoco delta. There are a big number of fruit trees, orchids, bromeliads and ferns. It is nearly almost natural that the fauna is also very spacious at the Orinoco delta, Jaguars, pumas, ocelots, capuchins, howler monkeys, seals and dolphins are just some examples of the enormous number of mammals one could meet in their natural habitat. The diversity of species in the bird world is multiple. You could find a huge number of birds here such as buggies, parrots, toucans, cormorants, falcons, snipes, eagles and hummingbirds. And of course there are many reptiles‟ amphibians and fish as well as anacondas, boas, vipers, coral snakes, iguanas, turtles, piranhas, mantas and caimans. The delta is an Eldorado for ornithologists. In this area there are endemic forms of birds, bromeliads and orchids.

Some highlights at the Orinoco delta tours

The jungle march
A Warao tour guide shows the density of the Orinoco jungle and helps those who have never been to the jungle before. The idyllic quietness of the Orinoco delta is only interrupted by bird´s twitter and by the shouting of the buffalos. There will be gumboots for each guest.
Canoe excursion
Warao means “people of the canoe”. it is best to move via canoe in the Orinoco delta. The Indian guide will guide you with a dugout canoe to the most isolated place of the Orinoco delta. With a stopover in the jungle you march through a green oasis, there is time to watch the animals as well as experience birds, sweet water dolphins and capuchins point- blank.
Visit of a buffalo farm
A buffalo farm, where the marshes meet the jungle is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset; in addition to that you could book a riding trip.
Safari at night
Another option is a trip to look for snakes and a caiman. This trip at the Orinoco delta is dependant on the water gauge.

Eco- Orinoco camp from San Jose de Buja 3 days / 2 nights

Our idyllic situated camp is located directly in the jungle of the Orinoco delta. You are accommodated in simple Cabanas (cabins) with 2- 4 beds. Palm fronds will serve as your doors, the side turned to the river is open and at dawn you will be awakened by birds twitter and the sun which will fall directly in your face while you are lying in bed. Shower rooms and toilets will be at your disposal in an extra building. In the evening you are more than welcome to sit together in the small, cozy bar and enjoy the magnificence of the Orinoco delta. Torchlights illuminate your way back to bed.Tour starts in San Jose de BujaPrice On request
Transfer to and from by boat from/to port2 overnight stays Orinoco delta at the camp in the booked categoryfull boardboat tripsincluding non-alcoholic drinks guides for guided tours

Delta Lodge from Boca de Uracoa 3 days/ 2 nights

A Camp for the highest demands at the Orinoco delta. You will be welcomed by a site, consisting of several Cabanas, with everything you want. Housing with shower / toilet, some of them are partly built directly above the water, integrated in a tropical, botanical jungle garden with huge palms, different plants, orchids, bromeliads and many others. Animals living in the wild like macaws welcome you. The splashing of the Orinoco delta waves is lulling you to sleep and the yelling of the apes out of the adjoined jungle is waking you up in the morning. The qualified employees will try to anticipate your every wish. If one is interested, one should not hesitate to be guided through a part of the Orinoco delta flora by a gardener. In the morning you could watch the fisherman at work and in the evening you could finish off the day with a cold beer or other drinks in our lovely design bar.Tour start at Boca de UracaoPrice on request
roundtrip by boat from/ to port 2 overnight stays at Orinoco delta at camp in the booked category full board boat trips Including non-alcoholic drinks Guides for tours

Hammock Camp from Boca de Uracoa 3 days/ 2 nights

More back to nature is impossible. You will sleep in Hamacas (hammocks) with mosquito nets at the open roof guest area, app. 50cm above the water. The food will be cooked over a log fire for you and of course there is no electricity (in exchange there is a sanitary building, where we have civilization again). Bird and other animal observations are possible from every spot of the camp because walls were forged. Apes and parrots are regular guests here and one or more caimans may be stopping by. But don´t worry, normally they stay in the river or waters of the Orinoco delta. So what do you want more? Tour start at Boca de UracaoPrice on request
roundtrip by boat from/ to port 2 overnight stays at Orinoco delta at camp in the booked category full board boat trips including non-alcoholic drinks guides for tours

Orinoco Atlantic lodge from Boca de Uracoa 3 days / 2 nights

Only 15 minutes away from the Atlantic by boat, this fantastically situated camp of the Orinoco delta can be found vis-á-vis with two fishermens´villages. You are sleeping in Cabanas with 2-5 beds with shower / toilet and you have the water right in front of you. The saltiness of the open sea makes sure that there is always fresh fish and delicious crabs. The fish restaurant which is very close is suitable to experience a terrific sunset in the fantastic Orinoco delta. You could arrange boat transfers with the director of the Campamentos. In the evening you can amuse yourself in the discotheque or you could end the day with a delicious Copa Vino. By day you should definitely do a trip to the snow- white beaches of the Atlantic or go fishing for tarpons, giltheads or barracudas. This section is also known worldwide for its excellent wind regime for brilliant surfing. For ornithologists this is a fantastic place to do some bird watching in the bird paradise Orinoco delta.

Our special tours to the Orinoco delta

Anaconda tour 5 days
(minimum 4 persons) Book your cheap flights to Venezuela and treat your family and friends to an amazing getaway here. Venezuela is truly an excellent place for families and couples looking for a holiday destination that can bring utmost relaxation and rejuvenation. One of the fun and exciting tours here in Venezuela is one that involves exploring the wild. If you want to experience a thrilling holiday, we would recommend that you go for the Anaconda tour. The tour is especially designed for finding the biggest snake in the world. A guide who is especially trained for that will accompany you in the jungle of the Orinoco delta the next days. You go by boat to the specific places, go hiking in the jungle and visit those watering holes in which one of these primeval creatures may be hiding. The English- speaking guide will discuss the course with you. You are more than welcome to express further desires and he will try, as long as it´s possible, to take these into account as well. You are put in camp 2. bookable January – March Price: on request
roundtrip from Boca de Uracoa full board non- alcoholic drinks included 4 overnight stays at Orinoco delta Lodge special guide for your group boat for the day trips
Fishing tour 3 days
2 days fishing in the Atlantic Ocean are awaiting you. After the arrival in San Jose de Boca de Uracoa your guide is waiting for you and drives with you to a camp which is 15 minutes away from the Atlantic by boat. (Camp 4 ). The complete equipment will be provided. The fishing guide knows the waters and knows which fishing could be the most successful at any time. Your prizes could be tarpons, giltheads, barracudas, tuna and other species of large fish. Price: on request
roundtrip from Boca de Uracoa full board non- alcoholic drinks included 2 overnight stays at the Orinoco delta Lodge fishing gear special guide for your group boat for the day trips
Botanist tour 5 days
( minimum 4 persons ) The special tour is only attended to endemic kinds of the categories bromeliads, camellias and orchids. The Orinoco delta is known worldwide for its specific kinds of these sorts of plants. You will be guided by a trained English- speaking botanist. The introduction will be done in the tropical garden of the Campamentos. Should it be completed on the first day you will go in to the jungle by boat and go on searching for these plants there. Price: on request
roundtrip from Boca de Uracoa full board non- alcoholic drinks included 4 overnight stays at the Orinoco delta Lodge special guide for your group boat for the day trips
Kayak trip through the delta 3 days
You will be exploring the Orinoco delta by kayak together with your guide. On the first day you will discuss how many kilometers you want to paddle per day and what you want to see. Afterwards our guide will propose certain routes to explore around the Orinoco delta. If you want you could paddle along dozens of little branches of the Orinoco delta and with a bit of luck you could watch rare birds as well as dolphins and apes. Interessting will probably also be a hike through the jungle which you can take as an opportunity to learn more about the fauna and flora of this area. You are accommodated in the Delta Lodge. Price: on request
roundtrip from Boca de Uracoa full board non- alcoholic drinks included 2 overnight stays at the Orinoco delta Lodge special guide for your group kayaks for the day trips
Tips for further travel planning
Perfectly added at the Orinoco delta could be the Canaima Tour to the Angel fall or a Humboldt trekking on the world- famous Humboldt route. Additional charges Transfers + prices On Request

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