Los Llanos – right in the middle of a stunning fauna

Why go into the Llanos?

One of the most beautiful landscapes of Venezuela is the savanna-like Los Llanos, littered with trees and a variety of species that is looking for the likes of them. Over 350 different species are living here and in addition to that innumerable insects and reptiles. This makes Los Llanos a very special place and also huge Botanical Gardens in Venezuela that does scenically not miss a single thing. Many endangered species have found a home here and therefore this tropical, unique biotope has to be protected. The Los Llanos is a paradise for ornithologists, botanists and for all who are interested in wild animals in one of the most beautiful savannas of the world.

Our tour Los Llanos 4 days / 3 nights

Day 1 - Start of the Llanos tour – arrival at camp
At the first day of our tour you will start at 8 o´ clock in Merida and drive along the mountain landscape of the Andes to Barinas. On the way you can see small Andes communities, a church visit is also on our agenda. There will be a lunch break in Barinas and there you will have time for refreshment. You can also hop op in Barinas at around 14.00 - 14.30. After the meal it goes to Estado Apure. There you will get a first view onto the enormous savanna landscape Los Llanos. Having arrived at the camp there will be time to enjoy the sunset of the unique landscape profile. It will be slept in airy hammocks but before that the camp owners will prepare a tasty supper in the Llanos. After this refreshment you will fall asleep with animalistic background noise.
Days 2 and 3 - deep in the Llanos – animal observation
The next two days you will climb deeper into the Los Llanos, animal observations, fishing of piranhas, dolphin observations, safaris to caimans and anacondas are on the agenda. Especially ornithologists get to know the true promise of red and white ibis, white storks and herons and a multitude of other feathery animals flying around freely in this unique natural landscape. Regardless of whether you are on a boat looking for sweet water dolphins or if you want to take a closer look on the dangerous kinds of animals like caimans and anacondas, it will be 2 adventurous days that will bring you closer to animals and nature and you will learn to appreciate it. In this still natural savanna one can still find animal species that are already non-existent elsewhere in the world. No matter what apes, snakes, ants, turtles, everything is present here.
Day 4 - Los Llanos – Barinas/ Merida
After these two days very close to nature you will get the optional chance to round off your tour at Los Llanos with a rafting on your last day. Rough and refreshing you will wildly go down the rapids to subsequently recover from these stresses and strains with the help of a tasty lunch. After the lunch break you can leave the Llanos via Merida or Barinas. At Barinas there is a bus connection to Valencia, Caracas, Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto Ayacucho and by airplane to Caracas. You can go on travelling from Merida to Maracaibo or start an ascent in the Andes.
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transport from / to Merida / Barinas 3 overnight stays at the Llanos full board, non- alcoholic drinks included guides for tours

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