Uruyen / Kavac – very close to Auyan Tepui

Karav & Uruyen and the nature

Kavac and Uruyen are two communities of the Kamarakoto Indians at the southern river of the Auyan Tepui. The village Kavac consist out of 15 cabanas picturesquely situated in front of the Auyan Tepui and it is among the most beautiful landscapes of Venezuela. There is a small airstrip for light aircrafts and a meekly lodge. Perfect starting point for an Auyan Tepui ascent or to explore the “Cueva de Kavac “. The Auyan Tepui is the highest flat summit mount of the world, approximately 2 billion years old, consisting of Roraima – quartzite. The Tepuis are biologically extensive isolated islands and endemic kinds are existing only here fot millions of years already. For the Pemon Indians this place is holy.

Our tour Kavac & Uruyen 3 days / 2 nights inclusive of a Salto Angel flyover

After the adventurous journey from Ciudad Bolivar one is landing in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Venezuela, the Indian village Uruyen. The next 3 days / 2 nights were to be spent in a simple camp at the foot of Auyan Tepui. There will be tours to the “Cueva de Cavac “, “Salto Akareupa” and the “Cueva de Yurwan”. The cave of Kavac, “Cueva de Kavac “, is a real adventure, a 1000 meters long canyon which you could swim through with a magnificent water fall. A meager watery dome which shimmers in all prismatic colors due to the low incidence of sunlight. The “Cueva de Yurwan “is located in Uruyen and the name derives from the Pemon Indians and paraphrases a plant which is used to produce blowpipes. The beautiful Yurwan cave invites you to take a bath and the huge rock faces diffuse a magic mood. The Akareupa water is lying right opposite and feeds the water into the Yurwan river. There are only 5 minutes by flight between Uruyen and Kavac. The 3 days lasting tour includes full board. These unique Indian villages are inhabited by Pemon Indians and have to be protected desperately as one of the most beautiful landscapes of our continent. Price On Request


flight from / to Ciudad Bolivar / Kavac / Uruyen 2 overnight stays in beds including full board Salto Angel flyover 3 day trips guides for tours

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