Humboldt route at Guacharo national park

Why go to go Guacharo national park for Humboldt trekking?

The Guaracho national park is the border of the federal state Sucre to Monagas and Alexander Humboldt already knew how to access the value of the beauty of this nature. Lovely green hills are a characteristic of this still unexplored countryside. A multitude of rivers and little water falls go through the scenery. On the fertile fields a multitude of tropical fruits is cultivated. The name Guaracho derives from the oilbirds that live in the biggest stalactite cavern of Southern America, the Cueva de Guacharo. The city Caprice is also called garden of the east. With orange plantations, strawberry fields and a large number of other fruits this place is a real oasis.
Preface to the Humboldt trekking tour at the Guaracho national park
The trekking tour is directed at trekking fans who would like to be very close to nature. Special guides who are very familiar with this region are available. You will be housed in tents. You are very welcome to tell us your favorite date to start, and then we will set up a new start date for the tour and try to find at least 5 participants.

Our tour Humboldt trekking 4 days / 3 nights

Day 1- start of the tour – Cumanacoa
In the morning we will go from Cumaná to Cumanacoa. When we arrive at Cumanacoa the trekking to Pico Tristeza starts. The Rio Manzanares will be crossed several times and during the hike there will be plenty of time to take pictures and to get to know the typical sorts of cultivation of the farmers in the alpine region. At the spring of the Rio Mazanares a strong ascent starts to enjoy a wonderful view on the water falls which are feeding the river. It goes on until the El Corral, a hill on which we will erect our bivouac.
Day 2- Trekking Pico Tristeza
On the second day it goes with an incline from the federal state Sucre into the federal state Anzoátegui. From a 2300m height up to 263 m to the Pico Tristeza, the highest mountain in East Venezuela. On the hilltop you will be rewarded with a magnificent view and you could take some interesting pictures. Afterwards there will be a little descent to Bucaral in the federal state of Monagas. There will be time to take a bath in the river before the bivouac will be erected at La Piedra Pelau, a giant sandstone.
Day 3- Trekking village Bucaral
There is time to get to know the village Bucaral better. Some small houses grace the village; the locals are very outgoing and let you have a look into their daily life. It goes on with a climb to the village El Sitio, the hilly landscape is unique, a green dream at the Orient. We will have our bivouac on one of these hills.
Day 4 - Mundo Nuevo – Caripe – Cueva de Guacharo
A technical descent through which the locals used to carry off their crops is used. Arrival at Mundo Nuevo and ride to Caripe. During the journey a basin will be passed and the drive in the hilly region directs at orange plantations, strawberry fields and many more fields with typical fruits of the region. After a lunch in Caripe one will visit the world-wide known Cueva de Guaracho. The oilbirds domiciled there are unique. Departure to Maturin or Cumaná. You are more than welcome to tell us our desired date and then we will set up a new start date for the tour and try to find at least 5 participants.
with 5 participants On Request with 3- 5 participants On Request with 2 participants On Request
transport Cumaná – Cumanacoa transport Mundo Nuevo – Caripe transport Caripe – Maturin entrance + visiting Cueva de Guacharo one lunch in Caripe special guide for the trekking with GPS first aid guide + first aid equipment food and drinks 3 x breakfast / 4x lunch / 3x dinner tents camping stove

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