Henri Pittier in Venezuela

Why should you go to Henri Pittier?

The first national park of Venezuela, Henri Pittier is unique and the drive via Maracay with many winding roads and cloud forests lets it already become a real adventure. There you will get an insight into the variety of the fauna and flora of Venezuela due to the grading of heights of up to 2000m. Many endemic ones only exist in the Henri Pittier national park.

The Henri Pittier national park and its nature

The park was founded by Henri Pittier in 1937. It accommodates over 560 kinds of birds and over 1100 kinds of animals. Whether ocelots, pumas up to anteaters, deer and foxes, here you will find everything. The whole park covers an area of 105,000 hectares and the rock of the park has been through more than 80 million years. Hence the plants have adapted evolutionally over millions of years. During the Ice Age many species out of the other parts of Venezuela disappeared but they survived at Henri Pittier national park because it is situated very close to the sea, has humid climate and mountains.

Our tour to the Henri Pittier national park 3 days / 2 nights

Day 1- Arrival at Henri Pittier
On the first day directly after your welcome cocktail you will head to the wonderful Henri Pittier national park for a day trip. There you will get the chance to see a breathtaking fauna and flora. You will spend the whole afternoon surrounded by palms, birds and lovely, tropical plants. You will cross many stream courses, have a gaze at sugarcane and cacao and simply let the beautiful silence work on you. In between, there will always be time for you to beef yourself up and stock up on strength. In the evening after the hearty dinner and one or the other good drop of wine you will fall onto your hammocks tired and exhausted but nevertheless happy.
Day 2- In the rain forest of Henri Pittier
The next morning a dream for every ornithologist will come true as it goes onto a birds hunt with an English speaking guide. But first there will be breakfast to revitalize. Starting at sea level and spending the first two hours of the day there it will go on to 800m first to get better chance of domestic birds crossing the lens. Now there will be a short lunch break, a refreshment in the form of a lunch will be dished up. Afterwards one will go on a height of 1300 to detect the specific kinds of birds there and eventually take one or an other picture of them. After this wonderful day for our ornithologists it goes back to camp, another tasty meal that sweetens your night is waiting for you.
3.day - Departure
The day of your departure starts with a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast. At lunchtime you will leave the camp.
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