Canaima – Tour to the Angelfall

Why go to Canaima?

Angelfall in CanaimaThe Canaima national park is located in Gran Sabana, Venezuela and is one of the largest park of this kind world-wide and covers 30000 km². In the Indian language the term Canaima means a fearsome divinity which embodies all evil. Canaima consists of the Angel fall, the Salto Sapo and the Salto Kukenam; these are some of the highest water falls in the world. The Angel fall has a fall of 937m, during the dry season the water becomes a droplet of fog and in the rainy months it becomes a multiple-core cascade. Since its discovery by Jimmy Angel in 1937 the waterfalls own their name “Angelfall”. Some unique, endemic kinds can be found here and the Canaima national park is a paradise for ornithologists. The lagoon of Canaima is unique with its red shimmering water, caused by the high mineral degree and invites you to take a bath in it.
Canaima and its nature
CanaimaThe Canaima national park was founded in 1962 and in 1994 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. The climatic isolation brought out endemic kinds of millions of years. 65 % of Gran Sabana consists of Tepuis (Indian houses of gods). The Gran Sabana owns 115 of those flat summit mounts that are made out of sandstone. Since over 70 million years the most divers‟ cliff forms developed, with the help of the weather and erosion, at Canaima national park. Some of these flat summit mounts of the Gran Sabana have only now been examine in the 20th century. The probably mostly well-known flat summit mount of the Gran Sabana is the Auyan Tepui. The evolution and the temperate climate of the plateaus gave birth to their very own fauna and flora which can be found nowhere else in the world. Due to nutrient-poor grounds many carnivorous plants have their habitat here.
Important for the Angelfall Tour in Canaima
The Canaima tour already includes a unique nature experience, the big waterfall “Angelfall” with nearly 1 km drop height. But that is not all at the tour which nearly amounts to an expedition. First the flight to Canaima in a 5-7 seat Cessna above the Guri basin, then passing the Auyan Tepui. At Canaima national park at the Gran Sabana the tour will continue with dug outs. The camps and tours at Canaima will be guided by Pemon Indians who should be treated with respect. The Canaima tour to the Angel Fall is not the cheapest, one has to consider the flight in little Cessnas as well as the complex logistics. An absolute highlight for every Venezuela travel.
Day 1- Arrival at Canaima national park
In the morning of the first day you go with our Cessna from the airport in Ciudad Bolivar above the seven biggest basin of the world, the Gurin, right to the Angelfall. After your arrival at Canaima national park on the verge of midday a delicious Venetian delicacy is waiting for you: Pabellon Criollo (delicately picked beef framed with plantains, beans and rice). After the Venetian national dish a guide will explain to you everything around the Canaima national park, as well as the Angelfall and Salto Sapo. After all this interesting explanations about Canaima you will head off to the base camp. In the next three hours you will make your way to the Angelfall by foot. You will spend the night in beds or hammocks.
Day 2 - Boat trip to the Angelfall
After a hearty American breakfast the next morning a boat trip to the highest waterfall in the world, namely the Angelfall is on our agenda. Our Indian friends are experts of their dug outs and will carry you safely towards the Angel fall. For refreshment there is going to be Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch. In the afternoon you can enjoy a wonderful view right onto the biggest water fall of the world here in Canaima. Unbelievable how small you feel surrounded by the Angel fall. In the afternoon you will arrive at our camp at Canaima national park on Isla Raton. For dinner you will enjoy grilled chicken with some rich in pleasant company. The night will be spent adventurously in hammocks or little Cabanas.
Day 3 - Angelfall / departure
The next morning a Venezuelan favorite meal ( Arepa cheese and freid egg ) is awaiting you and there will be enough time left to take some photos of the Salto Angel and to catch and remember the last impressions and memories in one of the most beautiful national parks of Venezuela. At midday you will fly from Canaima back to Ciudad Bolivar or go way further to Kavac. There will be the possibility to take overnight buses the same day to go to Santa Elena/ Puerto Ayacucho / Caracas or continue your travels by airplane starting at Puerto Ordaz. Price On request
flight from / to Ciudad Bolivar - Canaima – Ciudad Bolivar 2 overnight stays at Canaima full board , non-alcoholic drinks included boat trips guides for guided tours
Canaima trip extension to Kavac Perfectly added to Canaima is the Orinoco delta or also the Roraima trekking

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