Tours for individual travels

Tours in Venezuela
Our multi day tours to the most different regions of Venezuela.

Tours in East- Venezuela

It is really worth visiting the Humboldt route the fantastic Orinokodelta with its Indians of Warao and its small water channels in East-Venezuela. Another highlight is the Canaima national park with its angel fall which is only 4 hours away. For both tours you should allow one week , starting point could be Maturin or Ciudad Bolivar. Onward flights to Caracas or Polamar are possible without any difficulties. After Canaima you could do Kavac , visit an indian village at the foot of Auyan Tepui or do a Roraima Trekking if you are longing to go deeper into the Gran Sabana.

Tours in West - Venezuela

In West Venezuela, Mérida offers a contrast compared to the rest of the country. If you take a flight to El Vigia and a taxi for the rest of the way, it is probably the most comfortable way to arrive at Merida or you arrive at Merida in connection with a Los llanos tour where you can admire a savanna like landscape with a unique fauna. There are different possibilities to examine Mérida more closely, exceptionally exciting is the Pico Humboldt trekking or if you want more excitement, you do a rafting tour.
Tours in South - Venezuela
In South Venezuela the dream for every ornithologist is hiding in the federal state of the Amazon, our Rio Autana tour with lovely nature and many endemic kinds is highly recommended for people who love nature. In the last corner of the Brazilian border there is the highest flat summit mount of the world, the Roraima, with our Roraima tour you will have the opportunity to take a closer look and get to know the “ lost world” a little better.
Tours to the Caribbean islands
With Isla Margarita, Los Roques and Isla Tortuga, Venezuela owns three large, carribean islands besides many smaller ones. Isla Margarita offers several all inclusive hotels , the main touristic place is Playa El Agua, there are good shopping possibilities as well as a lively night life. Los Roques, a coral archipelago is contrasting to that, as it is absolutely quiet and you could just lie back a nd relax there. You will only find posadas there as buildings taller than two levels are forbidden. The archipelago is a nature reserve area.