Round trip 10 days East-Venezuela

Our get-to-know-trip in Venezuela with 2 absolute highlights, Canaima and the Orinoco delta and as a finish the fishervillage Mochima. Here you will get an insight into the incredible nature of Venezuela and there will be time to take a bath at Mochima national park. All transfers of this East-Venezuela tour are organized and the Venezuela tour can already be started with one participant.
Day 1 Caracas / Ciudad Bolivar
Arrival at Caracas. After your international flight you will directly continue flying to Ciudad Bolivar, there you will be picked up and you will spend the night in Ciudad Bolivar at the posada Angostura.
Day 2 Canaima “Angel fall “
The first day you will go in our little Cessna from Ciudad Bolivar over the seventh biggest basin of the world “Guri” to Canaima. After your arrival at Canaima national park shortly before midday a tasty Venezuelan delicacy is waiting for you: Pabellon Criollo (delicately plucked beef framed by plantains, beans and rice). After this refreshment a guide will explain you all around Salto Angel and Salto Sapo and after these interesting explanations you will start your way to the base camp. The next 3 hours you will be on your feet. You will sleep in beds or hammocks.
Day 3 Canaima national park – UNESCO world cultural heritage
Feeling rested and after a tasty American breakfast you will start you boat trip to the highest water fall in the world “the Salto Angel”. Our Indian friends know their boats very well and will carry you safely via Salto Angel. Spaghetti Bolognese will be your lunch. In the afternoon you can enjoy the wonderful view onto the Salto Angel. Incredible how tiny one feels surrounded by the Salto Angel. In the afternoon you will arrive at our camp at the Isla Raton. For dinner you will enjoy grilled chicken with rice together with great company. The night will be spend adventurously in hammocks or little cabanas.
Day 4 Canaima/ Ciudad Bolivar
The next morning you will get a Venezuelan favorite dish ( Arepa cheese and fried egg ) and there will be a little time to take pictures and try to save the memories of one of the most beautiful national park of Venezuela. Around lunch time you will fly back from Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar where you will spend another night.
Days 5 to 7 Orinoco delta
In the early morning you will go from Ciudad Bolivar to San Jose de Buja, the pier for the trip into the Orinoco delta, from there you will be picked up with a canoe and you will spend the next 3 days and 2 nights fishing piranhas, making canoe trips, visiting the native Indios Waraos, marching through the jungle and much more. It is really fascinating to get so close in touch with nature and participate a little in the life of the locals who were the first inhabitants of the delta and maybe of Venezuela as well. In the afternoon of the 7th day you will go from San Jose de Buja to Rancho San Andres. You will spend the night there.
Day 8 Maturin / Mochima
On the next morning you will go from Rancho San Andres to the national park of Mochima, in the evening there will be time for a little walk through the fishermen village Mochima.
Day 9 Mochima
On the last day of this tour it will go by boat to Mochima national park, we head for the most beautiful beachs and you will have time to watch some dolphins.
Day 10 Cumana/ Caracas
On your last day you will fly from Cumana to Caracas in the morning, fly back to Germany international in the afternoon. You are welcome to add a bath stop at the Isla Margarita or Los Roques to this tour.
flight Caracas – Puerto Ordaz flight Cumana – Caracas transfer Puerto Ordaz – Cuidad Bolivar transfer Ciudad Bolivar – Orinoco delta- Rancho San Andres transfer Rancho San Andres – Mochima – airport Cumana 2 overnight stays at posada Angostura , breakfast included 1 overnight stay Rancho San Andres, inclusive half board 2 overnight stays posada Girasol Canaima tour 3 days / 2 nights, including full board Orinoco delta tour 3 days / 2 nights, full board included big boat trip Mochima 9 AM to 4 PM with drinks

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