20 Days Distant worlds-Explore Venezuela

Our distant worlds tour is suitable for explorers who want to know a lot about Venezuela during their vacation. The route goes from Western Venezuela in the Llanos, and then to East venezuela for ending at the Caribbean coast. A great way to meet the most beautiful landscapes and Posadas in Venezuela.
Day 1 Caracas/ El Vigia
Goes from to the international airport directly to El Vigia, then take a taxi to the foot of the Los Nevados. Overnight in a family posada.
Day 2 Los Nevados
The arrival of this multi-day tour is very scenic, the small Andean village of Los Nevados is an impressive backdrop, framed by the highest mountains of Venezuela. During the trek the heights climbed up to 4200m and is for botanists and nature lovers a must, since the 4 climatic zones offer a very varied vegetation. The village of Los Nevados is located at 2,700 meters above sea level and looks like a painting. With donkeys on the cobbled paths and wooden shutters, the village looks like from another time .... Time seems to stand still and you will fall under the spell of this beautiful mountain village. After a 4-5 hour drive in a four wheel drive jeep you come to the mountain village. In the afternoon there is time to explore this almost untouched place closer or you can easily fall into the hammock and relax. Each of the rooms of the Posada has a private bathroom and is decorated very nicely, so that the stay is enjoyed fully.
Day 3 Los Nevados
On Day 2 of the Los Nevados tour altitudes of 2700m to 4200m are beaten by donkey. Here we have the opportunity to let the vegetation unique to itself. During the tour, there are always buffs. Located in the countryside, there's a romantic picnic, where you can enjoy the fresh mountain air surroundings. In the afternoon it's back to the camp a few meters downhill. The unique views make this landscape unique. The mountains of Pico Bolivar, surrounded by Merida and the Sierra Nevada makes the heart of every adventurer beat faster.
Day 4 Los Nevados
The final day begins with a hike into the rainforest, where you get back a large taste of the glory and the wealth variety in this country. After about 4 hours of jungle, it goes back to civilization, and your ride back to Merida by jeep. Overnight in a good Posada, directly in the Los Nevados National Park.
Day 5 Los Llanos
The tour begins at the most beautiful streets of Venezuela. It leads us through many beautiful colonial villages of the Andeans. On the way we visit a UNESCO cultural heritage, natural stone chapel of Juan Felix Sanchez and a condor breeding station. We cross the Eagle Pass at 4,200 meters altitude. There is plenty to see in a unique landscape that grows in the Frailejones, which can grow to three meters high and are typical for this páramo vegetation. From the lagoon we travel to Mucubaji Black Lagoon (Laguna Negra). Once there, we have earned ourselves a delicious meal, a freshly caught trout fried in garlic. Then it goes downhill, always along the outside wall of the Andes. We pass a variety of vegetation, Páramo, subtropical rain forest and forest elves. In the colonial village of Altamira, we will be staying at the Posada Altamira, a very well-appointed colonial mansion on Plaza Bolivar.
Day 6 Los Llanos
Today we are in Los Llanos. Around noon we arrive at the Hato El Frio. The Hato is a classic peasant farm, in the 56,000 hectares, cattle breeds. In addition, it offers tourists the opportunity to observe animals living on the premises. This sometimes includes caimans, capybaras (capybara), turtles and iguanas. As desired, you may go on a safari after lunch to look at the water holes in the savannah and up to 300 bird species. The most beautiful birds are probably the purple ibis, the pink spoonbills, storks and Jabiru, macaws and parrots. Almost always, one can observe in the Hato El Frio the great anteater. Also anacondas can be seen. The biggest, we've seen on a field trip so far was an impressive 7 meters long. Even a simple camera with a small zoom allows for very good pictures of the animals because it is real close.
Day 7 Los Llanos
Before breakfast a short hike to see parrots and macaws. After a hearty breakfast, we then take a boat tour, where we have a good chance to encounter the pink freshwater dolphins. The Cano Matiyure Caicara and flow directly through the Hato and creeks, with their quiet ideal spots for rare species of birds, such as the Agami Heron and various birds of prey. Caimans, crocodiles and the cute capybaras are watching us from the shore and the water. In the afternoon we head back to Merida. Overnight in a good posada near Merida.
Day 8 Merida
After free time in the Andean city of Merida to explore on your own. Overnight in a well-equipped Posada.
Day 9 Merida / Ciudad Bolivar
Taxi to the airport, flight over Caracas to Puerto Ordaz. Airport reception and transport in Ciudad Bolivar, one of the most beautiful Posada. Overnight.
Day 10 Mantopai jeep tour in the Gran Sabana
After breakfast you will start at 08:00 clock in the morning from Ciudad Bolivar. The first stop is the Jaspe waterfall. The entire river bed consists of bright red Jaspe-stone and is a great photo opportunity! It continues for two hours over a good paved road to "Luepa". Here starts the "Off Road" adventures by jeep. 2 to 3 hours depending on the weather goes to Kavanayen that is in the heart of the Gran Sabana! After lunch there will be a tour, which informs the brothers of the Franciscan Order and the Indians to improve their agricultural. The last 15 km to Mantopai are approximately 1 hour travel time. An incredible way! The entire route is dotted with orchids and carnivorous plants. The camp is adjacent to the river Karuai and at the foot of Table Mountain Sororopan! Dinner and overnight in one of the most beautiful camps in the Gran Sabana!
Day 11 Mantopai jeep tour in the Gran Sabana
After breakfast we will start with an Indian, an approximately 3-hour jungle trek with explanation of medicinal plants, hunting techniques and visit the farm where the Indians plant fruit and vegetables and brew their typical beer. With a little luck you can see snakes, birds, rodents, tapirs and monkeys. Lunch is served at the camp and then we can rest for an hour. In the afternoon we explore the river Karuai, enjoy a natural water slide and see a small waterfall just 15 minutes away from the camp. Many carnivorous plants and orchids adorn the river banks. Our night is once again in Mantopai.
Day 12 Mantopai jeep tour in the Gran Sabana
Today we drive to the Indian village and aftet, there goes another 20 minutes by dugout on the river to Aponwao Aponwao waterfall. It is a breathtaking sight when the waters feeding the 107-meter high waterfall Chinak Meru fall down! After the play, and many photos later, goes back to the village. The night is run by an Indian family in beds with mosquito nets instead.
Day 13 Mantopai jeep tour in the Gran Sabana
After breakfast we go to the Kawi waterfall. Take a bath under the waterfall or you jump from the 8 m cliff into the pool! Then it goes to a lookout point on the mesas and lunch at the Indian village of San Francisco de Yuruani. The last attraction of the day, the La Cortina waterfall. Depending on water levels you can walk behind the waterfall to the middle. An unforgettable experience for adrenaline addicts! We arrive late afternoon at Ciudad Bolivar. Night in a beautiful old town of Posada in Ciudad Bolivares
Days 14 to 16 Orinoco Delta / Cumana
Early in the morning you drive from Ciudad Bolivar to San Jose de Buja, the embarking point for the trip to the Orinoco Delta. The collection is by boat and for the next 3 days and 2 nights you are one with nature. In the authentic camp you will fish piranhas, make canoe trips,visit the native Indians Waraos, take a jungle cruise and much more. In the evenings you can listen to the jungle wonderfuly relaxed in a hammock. It is really amazing to see so much nature so close, and some participate in the life of the locals, who were the first inhabitants of the delta, and perhaps also from Venezuela. On Day 16 in the afternoon you go from San Jose de Buja into the Rancho San Andres. There you stay. You can observe the small farm and a very deliciuos diner will be served.
Day 17 Orinoco Delta / Cumana
After breakfast, you go to a 5-hour tripfrom Rancho San Andres to Maturin and then in the Guacharo National Park to Cumana. On the way there will be a short lunch break and we have created a cooler with drinks. Overnight in a Posada in Old Town of Cumaná.
Day 18 Guacharo National Park Cueva de Guacharo
On Day 18 of the trip is a visit to the cave Guacharo on the program. In the scenic Route to Caripe there is time to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. The cave with its unique Fat schwalm is the largest of its kind in South America, and worth a visit. Return in the afternoon and night to Cumana in a posada in the old town.
Day 19 Mochima National Park
In the morning we take a taxi from Cumana Mochima. There is a great boat tour in Mochima National Park's most beautiful beaches in the region. During the cruise, dolphins can be observed and it can be refreshed. On board the boat, there is snorkeling gear and for sun protection, a small roof is installed. The creature comforts are provided. Return to Cumana in the late afternoon. Overnight.
Day 20 Cumana/Caracas
Pick Up in the Posadas.Flight back to Caracas.International flight.
Breakfast (B), lunch (M), Dinner (D) 3 days tour Los Llanos 3 days tour Los Nevados 4 days tour Mantopai 3 days Orinoco Delta Tour Boat tour in Mochima Day tour Cueva de Guacharo 1 night half board Rancho San Andres 4 nights with breakfast Casa Amaru 2 nights including breakfast Posada Angostura 3 nights Posada San Francisco All taxi rides Flight Caracas-El Vigia Flight El Vigia-Caracas-Puerto Ordaz Flight Caracas - Cumana Minimum: 2 participants

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