Round trip Caribbean dream in Venezuela

Our tour for Caribbean lovers. On this tour you will get to know Venezuela´s richness of diversion with Los Roques and Isla Margarita. You are going to visit two of the most beautiful islands of Venezuela.
Day 1 Caracas/ Margarita
After your arrival in Caracas it continuously goes on to Porlamar by plane. Here you will be picked up at the airport and brought to the hotel Le Flamboyant.
Days 1 to 5 Margarita
The first four nights you will stay in the 3,5 star hotel Le Flamboyant, all inclusive. Complex with nine residential buildings, reception area with check and seating, buffet and à la carte restaurant with international and local cuisine, two snack bars with beverage service, mini market and stage. Swimming pool with whirl pool and separate children´s pool. Sun loungers, parasols and bath towels are included at the beach and the pool. The hotel´s own beach club with little bar can be found over the road at the Playa el Agua. guest rooms: 120
Day 5 Margarita/ Maturin
In the morning a taxi will drive you to the airport, from there you will be taken by airplane to Maturin. You will be picked up at Maturin and brought into the Orinoco delta.
Days 5 to 7 Orinoco delta
Our idyllic situated camp can be found in the middle of the jungle at the Orinoco delta. You are accommodated in simple cabanas (cots) with 2-4 beds. Palm fronds are your door, the side pointing to the river is left open and at dawn you will wake up with birds„ twitter and sun which will shine directly into your face if you are in bed. Shower and toilets are available in an extra facility. In the evening you are welcome to sit together at the small, cosy bar and enjoy the magnificence of the Orinoco delta. Torchlight will lighten your way back to bed.Wildlife of the Orinoco delta It nearly goes without saying the wildlife at the Orinoco delta is also very species rich. Jaguars, cougars, ocelots, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, seals and dolphins are only some of the large number of mammals on can meet in their natural habitat here. The diversity of the birds is diversified. There is a very large number of birds like e.g. budgerigars, parrots, toucans, great cormorants, hawks, snipes, eagles and hummingbirds. And for sure many reptiles, amphibians and fish as well as anacondas, boas, vipers, coral snakes, iguanas, tortoises, piranhas, mantas and caimans can be found. The delta is an Eldorado for botanists and ornithologists. In these areas endemic kinds of birds, bromeliads and orchids can be found.
Day 7 Orinoco delta / Canaima
We will go from the Orinoco delta to Ciudad Bolivar in the afternoon. There you will spend to night in a familiy posada.
Days 8 to 10 Canaima tour to Angel fall
On your first day you will take off in our small Cessna machine from Ciudad Bolivar over the seventh biggest basin in the world, Guri, to Canaima to see the Angle fall. After your arrival at Canaima national park, shortly before lunch, a tasty Venezuelan delicacy is waiting for you: Pabello Criollo (delicate plucked beef surrounded by plantains, beans and rice). After this refreshment a guide will tell you everything about the Canaima national park as well as the Angel Fall and Salto Sapo and after these interesting explanations you will start your walk to the base camp. The next 3 hours you are on your feet, walking to the Angel Fall. You will sleep in beds or hammocks. Well rested it goes on the next morning, after a tasty American breakfast, with a boat trip which leads you to the highest water fall in the world, the Angel Fall. Our Indian friends know their boats very well and will drive you via the Angel Fall sound and safe. There will be spaghetti Bolognese for lunch. In the afternoon you can enjoy the wonderful view onto the highest water fall in the world. Amazing how tiny one feels surrounded by the Angel Fall. In the afternoon you will arrive at our camp at the Canaima national park at the Isla Raton. You will spend the evening in great company and enjoy grilled chicken with rice. At night you will spend adventurously in hammocks or little cabanas. The next morning you will be served a Venezuelan favourite dish (Arepa cheese and fried egg) and there will be enough time to take pictures of the Salto Angel and to save the last impressions of one of the most beautiful national parks of Venezuela. Around lunch time, you will fly back from Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar or go further to Kavac.
Day 10 Canaima / Ciudad Bolivar
In the afternoon it goes back to Ciudad Bolivar. There one will spend the night in a family posada.
Day 11 Ciudad Bolivar / Los Roques
In the morning it will go by aircraft via Caracas to the coral archipelago Los Roques.
Days 11 to 14 Los Roques
The last three nights of your tour you will spend in the Posada Movida, inclusive full board and you will do trips to the nearby islands. A very lovely arranged posada which was erected 10 years ago. The love of detail makes the stay something very special. The accommodation has to offer 6 rooms with air conditioning and fan and a bath room with hot water. Since it opened the owners of the posada have not changed. A big lounge with kitchen is the heart of the posada, besides WiFi internet there is a big terrace with 2 hammocks.
Day 14 Los Roques / Caracas
On the 14 th day it goes back to Caracas. flight home

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