Round trip 14 days anaconda search

Our round trip for botanists and ornithologists and of course adventurers on the hunt for one of the biggest snakes in the world. One gets to know the variety of Venezuela and as a highlight one goes looking for snakes in the Orinoco delta.
Day 1 Caracas / Merida
Arrival at Caracas. After your international flight you will flight to El Vigia right away and will be picked up there to spend the night in Merida.
Day 2 Los Nevados
In the morning a jeep will drive you 4-5 hours into Los Nevados, there will be time to take pictures and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Having arrived at the mountain village Los Nevados you will have time to watch the idyllic village life and to record the panorama with a camera. You will spend the night here too.
Day 3 Los Nevados
On the third day you will fight heights of 2700m up to 4000m on a donkey. There you will get the chance to let the unique vegetation sink in you. Now it is time for refreshment, right in the middle of nature there will be a romantic picnic that you could enjoy in fresh mountain air. In the afternoon it goes down some meters to the rustic camp in which you will sleep on a bed covered with cow fur.
Day 4 Los Nevados
The last day at Los Nevados will start with a hike into the rain forest on which one could once again get an extensive expression of the magnificence and the variety of this country. After 4 hours of rain forest it goes back to civilization and you will go back to Merida by jeep. There you will spend another night.
Day 5 Merida/ Los Llanos
In the morning you will drive along the mountain landscape of the Andes up to Barinas. On the way you could have a look at small settlements, a church visit is also on our agenda. At Barinas there will be a lunch break and there will be time to refresh. After the break is goes right to Estado Apure. Having arrived there you will get the first chance to take a look at the gigantic savanna scenery. Having arrived at camp it´s still time to enjoy the sunset of this unique form of landscape. One will sleep in airy hammocks before that the camp owner however prepares a tasty supper.
Days 6 and 7 Los Llanos savanna
During the next two days you will climb deeper into the Los Llanos. Animal observations, fishing piranhas, watching dolphins, safaris to caimans and anacondas are on our agenda. Especially ornithologists will get into contact with red and white ibis, white stork and egret and a large number of other free-flying poultry and come to enjoy this unique natural landscape. It does not matter if you are on a boat looking for sweet water dolphins or if you are get very close to the more dangerous kinds of animals, like caimans and anaconda, there will be 2 adventuresome days which will give you an understanding of flora and fauna and you will learn to value them. You will spend the night in hammocks.
Day 8 Llanos / Caracas
In the morning there will be another hike into the savanna that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the species richness one last time and you can once again take pictures. After lunch we will go to Barinas, from there you will fly to Caracas. At Caracas you will be picked up at the airport and will be taken to a very well equipped hotel to spend the night there.
Days 9 to 13 Orinoco delta
In the morning there will be a pick up from the hotel and you will be taken to the airport, from there it goes to Maturin where our driver is already waiting for you to drive you to Boca de Uracoa. Having arrived at the Orinoco delta you will be taken to the camp to start the real adventure from there. By boat you will go up the different branches of the delta lokking for the biggest serpent in the world “ the anaconda”. Your own desires are taken into consideration and you will get an impression of this unique conservation area. One time driven by boat, the other walking through the bush with a bushwhacker you will be looking for this beast. The adventure in the middle of untouched nature is in the focus and makes this tour to something very, very unique. Besides serpents there are red ibis, apes and piranhas to look at. This tour is the ideal change between relaxation and thrill because there will always be one question to ask : Where is the anaconda? On your fifth day at the Orinoco delta a taxi will take you back ro Maturin in the afternoon. You will spend the night there.
Day 14 Maturin/ Caracas
On your last day you will fly from Maturin to Caracas in the morning, to internationally fly back to Germany in the afternoon.

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