Round trip 14 days sports & active

Our active tour is exactly the right thing for sport fans who love the thrill. 2 weeks full of sporty activities from Merida to Barinas up to the Orinoco delta.
Day 1 Caracas / Merida
Arrival at Caracas, after your international flight you will directly be flying to El Vigia where you will be picked up and you will stay at Merida for the night.
Day 2 Mountain biking in Sierra Nevada
In the morning a jeep and a guide will go with you into the Sierra Nevada. You will be on tour with your bike between 2000m up to 3000m, sometimes on bituminized roads, sometimes right over brash and over field. The lunch right in the middle of beautiful nature is a more than welcomed consolidation to be able to strongly pedal in the afternoon once again. You will be returning during the late afternoon and will be staying in Merida.
Day 3 Paragliding in Merida
The flight will last 4 hours, starting point is in Merida. From there we will go to La Tierra Negra, the starting point of the micro light. After 20 to 30 min of freedom, like the one of a bird, you will be back on solid ground again and back it goes to Merida. The rest of the day will be at your disposal.
Day 4 Pico Humboldt
On the fouth day your Pico Humboldt trekking at Sierra national park begins with an acclivity of 2300m at the start, the La Mucuy. Walking through the rain forest you will be able to watch one or another animal and admire strange plants. The night will be spend at the lagoon of Coromoto.
Day 5 Pico Humboldt
On the fifth day one will rise early to spend the next 5 hours climbing on to basis camp Humboldt at the green lagoon. The vegetation will become more tropical and the way will be more exhausting before the evening arises and you will set up you bivouac at 3900m.
Day 6 Pico Humboldt
On the last day it will be rough, the path will become smaller, the climate more moderate and colder. The backpacks are getting a little bit heavier under these circumstances but the drive to ascent the peak is setting free new power. The wonderful views of this fantastic mountain landscape you will never ever forget. With the last ounce of strength you will climb up the peak of the Pico Humboldt at 4952m.
Day 7 Pico Humboldt
On the 7th day the descent of Pico Humboldt begins, centimeter by centimeter you will fight your way down before an ATV will pick you up. You will stay in Merida for the night.
Day 8 Merida / rafting at Barinas
From Merida you will go to the adventure camp straight away, there you will learn the basics of rafting from experienced guides and then it will be time to take a bath, to climb or explore the terrain with the mountain bike.
Day 9 Rafting adventure
Another day at the adventure camp, today you will jump in the water to go rafting or kayaking with a level of difficulty between 3 and 4. In the afternoon you will have time once again to make use of the different leisure activities.
Day 10 Rafting / Overnight stay Caracas
The morning will be at your disposal and you could enjoy the beautiful nature one last time. After lunch you will go to Barinas, from there you will fly back to Caracas. At the airport you will be picked up and brought to a very well-equipped hotel.
Day 11 Orinoco delta
In the morning you will be picked up from the hotel and taken to the airport, from there it goes straight to Maturin where our driver is already waiting for you to chauffeur you to Boca de Uracao. There you will start with the kayak to explore the Orinoco delta on your own account for the next few days. A guide will agree on a profile for your tour.
Day 12 Orinoco delta
Today you will continue to paddle deeper into the beautiful conservation area to come closer to birds and animals and to explore the wonderful nature of the delta at it´s best. You will get to know the natives of the delta.
Day 13 Orinoco delta / Maturin
In the morning you will paddle through the Orinoco delta in the middle of idyllic peace and wild animals one last time before going back to Maturin after lunch to spend your last wild night there.
Day 14 Maturin / Caracas
On your last day you will fly from Maturin to Caracas in the morning to take an international flight back to Germany in the afternoon.

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