Round trips in Venezuela

Our Venezuela round trips.

Round Trip 2 20 days Distant worlds
Round Trip 4 10 days East Venezuela
Round trip routes in Venezuela
Our round trip routes in Venezuela take you to the most beautiful landscapes of this varied country. We offer tours for adventurers, trekking fans, beach lovers, as well as special tours for ornithologists and botanists. There are several perfect tours, a very popular one is to travel from Mochina via the Orinoco delta to Canaima and if there is still time Los Roques. Who is not able to speak the language is welcome to book a guide. The other main route goes from Caracas via the Llanos to Merida to go mountaineering there. Who has a lot of time can connect both tours with one another or go to take an expedition into the Amazon in addition to that. In every case it is recommendable to finish a tour on one of the Caribbean islands Los Roques, Isla Margarita, Isla Tortuga to again have to opportunity to enjoy the sun and the beach to the fullest. For a tour one should allow at least 2 weeks if not 3. We are offering different Venezuela tours, these should only serve as little suggestions of the possibilities one could watch in Venezuela, you are welcome to send us over your wishes concerning routes. There is nothing that cannot be organized. For all questions write us: