Posadas and hotels all over Venezuela

Posadas and Hotels

In Venezuela you will find a lot of Posadas and Hotels, for relaxing and visiting the nicest places all over the country. We offer some attractive Posadas and Hotels for your Venezuela travel.
Posada Costa Real in Caracas
The posada consist of 15 rooms, all equipped with large windows and a private bath room, a spacious living room with hammock and coach. All rooms have air conditioning, ceiling van, TV, hairdryer, minibar as well as a refrigerator. price on request
Costa Real Suites in Caracas
Posada Buenavista Inn in Caracas
All rooms have air conditioning, TV as well as Wifi internet connection, only 5 minutes away from the airport, ideal for the first night. price on request
Hotel Buenavista Inn in caracas
Hotel Montaña Suites at Caracas
A 4 star hotel with 213 suites and 153 comfortable rooms, swimming pool, 2 restaurants and one bar, only 20 minutes away from the town center. All rooms have a bath and a toilet, TV, internet, a safe, hair dryer and a refrigerator. price on request
Montana Suites in Caracas
Posada Angostura in Ciudad Bolivar
The posada is sitatued in the colonial centre of Ciudad Bolivar and it has 7 rooms, all equipped lovingly with a private bathroom, TV, A/C and safe. price on request
Posada Angostura in Ciudad Bolivar
Posada San Francisco in Cumaná
One of the most beautiful posadas in Cumaná with a huge, romantic courtyard in a historical colonial house. All rooms have airconditioning, hot water and TV. Besides a small bar there is a pool table and a little buttery. price on request
Tempera Posada in Cumaná
Rancho San Andres in Maturin
Rancho San Andres is a farm with stretched out lea and rivers. The ranch consists of 26 rooms, all rooms have to pay for the private bath and hot water. This is an ideal place to take off for a tour into the Orinoco delta. price on request
San Andres bei maturin
Posada Riqui Riqui in Choroni
The osada offers 2, 3 or 4 bed rooms and a house for 10 to 15 persons. A huge, botanical garden with limes, oranges, bananas, avocados, passion fruit and carambolas invites you to take a rest. All rooms have their own bath room, hot water, TV and A/C. price on request
Quinta Palomar in Cumana
The Quinta Palomar is one of the most beautiful posadas of Venezuela with a giant garden the Quinta is a real oasis. Our priority is perfect support and to make you feel comfortable, so it would be ideal to relax at the east coast of the Caribbean. price on request
Quinta Palomar
Posada Amaru in Merida
The posada Amaru is close to the lively Andes town Merida at Sierra Nevada national park. Inside the posada 50m² appartments which are lovely equipped are at the guest´s disposal. The holiday flats of the posada Amaru offer private bathrooms with hot water, a kitchenette, radio/ CD, hair dryer, free WLAN, 220 volt sockets, refrigerator and terrace. The holiday flats at Sierra Nevada national park have a separate living and residential area as well as a bedroom. The atmosphere is friendly you will have a German and English person in the Posada. price on request
Posada Amaru im Los Nevados Park
Posada Shalimar in Rio Caribe
The posada can be found in the small fishermen village Rio Caribe. Besides a large swimming pool the posada has to offer an excellent kitchen. With 14 rooms in total the posada provides space for 40 persons maximum. price on request
Shalimar in Rio Caribe
Hotel Le Flamboyant in Playa el Agua ( Margarita )
The hotel “Le Flamboyant“ is located more or less directly at the beach, only separated from it by a street and it has a beach bar. The hotel consists of 120 equipped room with a pool. The breakfast, lunch-, and dinner buffet invites you. price on request
Flamboyant Hotel in Playa El Agua
Posada Los Roques
We are working together with more than 25 posadas at Los Roques, for further information visit our website about Los Roques or write us. price on request
For reservations write us to info@venezuelanature.com