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Personalized Travel – Tours and Round Trips in Venezuela

Tours in VenezuelaVenezuela – the country of unlimited opportunities. Here you will find unspoiled nature, giant waterfalls, magnificent spectacles of nature, dreamlike Caribbean beaches, and many species of animals. The list could be continued endlessly if we had the demand to list everything. Individual tours to the Orinoco delta, to Canaima, on the peak of Pico Humboldt, along the Humboldt route or up the Roraima are the absolute highlights of your Venezuela travel or if you want it all, do one of our tours. A nice start for Venezuela beginners is our tour through East Venezuela. It doesn´t matter if you are looking for tours or individual excursions in Venezuela, we have something for everybody. We are looking forward to arranging your Venezuela holiday. We have 20 years of experience in tourism and we are experts in travels to Venezuela. We would like to share our knowledge of Venezuela with you and so we look forward to making your trip an unforgettable adventure. We offer excursions and tours , special excursions and expeditions in Venezuela. There are so many attractions tourists could visit here in Venezuela. Venezuela offers a variety that normally only a whole continent could.

Holidays in Venezuela –Tours to Canaima, the Orinoco Delta , Merida and Los Roques

Dreamly holidays in the caribbeanHere in Venezuela you can find Indians, breathtaking nature spectacles, a dreamlike caribbean coast and many highlights for individual tours and excursions. With its enormous variety, Venezuela is fascinating to everybody, especially Canaima with its Angel Falls. The national parks of Venezuela are all very unique and very bice for a individual travel. The Gran Sabana with Canaima is a setting which is unparalleled.The branching Orinoko delta or the savannahic landscape Los Llano. For trekking fans, you will enjoy the Pico Humboldt. The international arrival to Venezuela happens via Porlamar or Caracas. A pick-up from the airport is highly recommended. So you can fly in the evening to the start point of your travel. If you wish we could organize your first night after your arrival. There are bus routes all over the country that link all the important points of the country. More comfortable but a little bit more expensive are domestic flights. Little, family-owned posadas are spread all over the country, no matter if it´s Canaima or Merida. These posadas are family handeld with a good service. So it`s a perfect service during a tour. There are numerous hotels ,of course, on Isla Margarita there are a lot of accomodations which offer all inclusive fares. We would be pleased to organize a beautiful Caribbean finish on Isla Margarita or Los Roques.